Striped Flint


Striped Flint will revive your spirit and restore good mood. It has an energizing effect on the body. The stone, called a ‘polish diamond’ was greatly valued by the ancients of Poland and considered a sacred charm believed to encourage peace and wellbeing. 

Striped flint is a semi-precious variety, characteristic with its array of beautifully dark layers, ranging from brown to black. They also frequently create amazing patterns. Striped flint is a rock of sedimentary origin, composed mostly of microcrystalline quartz (chalcedony), with minute impurities of quartz, calcium carbonate and opal. 



Striped flint works well for the absent-minded, it is known to eradicate tiredness and bring about spiritual calmness, helping the body restore its energy levels. It protects from negativity, supporting brain function. The stone supports vitality and energy. 



Striped flint is believed to help improve kidney function and relieve symptoms of female reproductive ailments. It helps with migraines, muscle/bone aches and brittle hair. The stone helps strengthens the immune system and has a detoxifying effect on the body. It helps rejuvenate. It’s believed helpful in relieving menopause symptoms and balance hormones. It has antibacterial and stress relieving properties. Striped flint can also provide help with depressive state and insomnia. 

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