Red Coral



Coral is not considered to be a mineral, but remnants/fossilized mineral skeletons of living creatures.

It occurs in color varieties such as pink, red, white or black.

Coral reefs can be found in the North Sea or the Indian Ocean.



Coral is considered to be a symbol of strength. It protects, has a calming effect, as well as helps restore harmony. It helps rejuvenate your love, invigorates and warms up.

Coral attracts love and abundance, especially its red variety, which is often seen as a stone of passion. It promotes such attributes as creativity, optimism, inner peace, power, goal realization.

Coral has been given the name “flower of the seas” and symbolizes wealth, power and high social status. It is well-known for its strong protective attributes, as coral pendants/necklaces used to be placed over newborn babies’ cribs in the ancient times for protection against “evil eye”.

It’s also been believed to provide protection from evil demons or temptations. Coral was frequently chosen by those who practiced fortune-telling. It promotes wisdom and modesty.

It dispels fears and stress, providing peaceful family life.

Coral reduces anxiety, panic attacks or suicidal tendencies. It enhances vitality, courage and supports goal realization. It also helps in development of diplomatic skills. It has a balancing, soothing properties, it calms emotions, harmonizes and prevents fatigue. 

Coral was often used as adornment of Venus in the ancient times, due to its love-rejuvenating, balancing powers. It promotes intuition and imagination and helps visualization.

It protects against destructive energies. It’s believed coral improves memory.


Coral is helpful with blood disorders and cardiovascular disease, as well as osteoporosis.

It’s also belied helpful when passing kidney stones, purifies and helps stop bleeding.

Its color tends to become noticeably pale if the person suffers from aneamia or malnutrition.

Coral has a variety of uses in medical treatment. It has a warming and invigorating effect.

In the old times, tiny pieces of crushed coral mixed with water were used to treat throat disorders. Coral was also used to help stop bleeding or in wound treatment, as it was believed to accelerate the healing process. It is effective in treatment for sexual problems.

Wearing a coral necklace is believed helpful for neurological disorders or twitches.

Coral has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular system. It’s believed to help strengthen bone structure and regenerate bodily tissue.

Its beneficial attributes are mainly associated with females, as a result of its ability to improve fertility and balance menstrual cycle. Coral makes a perfect gift for an expecting lady as it offers great protection. It also reduces cholesterol level by increasing the production and absorption of niacin. 

Coral is helpful when struggling with vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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