Gemstones properties


It is endows us with kindness and jocundity' it's considered a "lucky" stone for business. 

It's said to be a "stone of success" and prosperity, wich increases our aptitudes in order to develop them to their higest level.

It's said to endow us with a gift of cleverness and wisdom in finances.

It supports self-healing process in all conditions.

Striped Flint

Given the name "Polish diamond" recently more than ‘on trend’, flint is undoubtedly a stone of optimism and rejuvenating energy.

Known for its ability to bring back good humor and aura, it boosts immune system and helps eliminate tiredness.

Flint, so greatly appreciated by Polish people throughout history,

earned its reputation as the ‘holy stone’

ensuring peace and household wellbeing.

Red coral

It provides energy boost, invigorates and rejuvenates, regulates heart rate, clears your mind and gives strength.

Red coral is also believed to bring out love in people. It helps anemics and people battling

cardiovascular disease and infertility.

To a number of cultures it’s been deemed

as protective stone, keeping away evil forces, bad energies, illness and protects from being betrayed.


Shugite is the best of electromagnetic harmful radiation field protection. It removed heavy metals absorbed , pesticides, bacteria and micro-organisms. Also is very good for any pain.

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