This cylindrical harmonizers they are bioenergetic device, harmonizing the internal state of the body and helps protect delicate structure of the person from external damaging factors, and restore health.
Cylindrical harmonizers are powerful charge, to achieve harmony of body and spirit and treated as two power poles: Yin (left) and Yang (right). With the cylinders in the body receives energy by cleaning the body and strengthens the aura of a person - his protective, invisible to the naked eye, the field.

How to use Shungite Harmonizers:

Sit in a relaxed pose with your legs uncrossed, or in a comfortable chair.
Place the Shungite harmonizer (black) in your left hand and the Thalconit harmonizer (grey) in your right hand.
Place them on your knees or hold them out in front of you, keeping them parallel.
Start with holding them for 3-5 minutes at first, and then gradually move up to 10-15 minutes.
To enhance the effect, a fully focusing on the sensations, close your eyes and get away from all extraneous thoughts.
The “recharge” and harmonization effect persists for 2 days.
It’s recommended to use your harmonizers twice a day in the morning and the evening for 2 weeks with a one month break at least two weeks.

Cylinders size: 10x3cm

EMF PROTECTION Shungite & Thalconit Cylindrical Harmonizers 11x2,8cm

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