Shungite high pyramid


This shungite high pyramid polished 7cm is protecting us up to 4,5m from EMF harmful radiation and will help us to improve our efficiency.


What is giving you shungite pyramids also?


Shungite creates the powerful barrier that protect not only from electrical household appliances, office equipment, satellite transponders, electrical transmission lines but also from the psychic vampires.


To whom is recommended?


Recommended by those who constantly contact with a lot of people and working with high lavel of electromagnetic field radiations such as offices, shopping centers, home.


How shungite pyramid can help you?


Shungite pyramids will help us to:

  • decrease headache and muscle pain
  •  increase the efficiency and energy potential
  •  improve the resistance to stress
  •  stabilizes the psychoemotional state
  •  increase the ability to concentrate
  •  restore the energetic balance


How offen I should we use pyramid?


Is recommended to use shungite pyramids constantly.

high 7cm pyramid polished

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