Shungite pyramids - the power of purification and protection for the whole family


Shungite is an unusual stone with many properties. It looks beautiful as an element of jewelry or interior design, but above all it has properties that protect against electromagnetic radiation (computers, TV sets).


It is worth placing it in places where there is potential radiation. Importantly - it is enough to wash it from time to time and dry it in the sun to tirelessly fulfill its task.


Shungite cleans not only the environment, but also emotions (eliminates old emotional patterns). This is a unique stone that helps in important life decisions: it allows for internal cleansing and opens the way to a new life!


The power of shungite in purifying water


Shungite comes from Russia and is called the "Russian health stone". Given its properties, this is not an exaggerated claim. This is the oldest known coal variety. This stone is used not only as an element of jewelry or purifying the environment, but also as a natural water filter.


Shungite water helps cleanse the body. This is possible due to the fact that this stone contains carbon - after all known for its binding and removing toxins. It also contains other compounds that show strong antioxidant activity: fullerenes.


Its water purifying properties have been used for a long time, using it as a natural water filter. Today, supporters of closeness with nature are still willing to reach for it for this purpose.


It is worth knowing that shungite allows you to get rid of heavy metals and pesticides from drinking water (which is a particular problem in large cities), but also among others:

  • virus
  • bacteria
  • nitrates
  • phenols


Elements such as magnesium, calcium, silicon and phosphorus also dissolve more easily in water purified with shungite. It is also pointed out that shungite water helps to alleviate many ailments. Just drink about 500 ml of filtered water with shungite a day or prepare food on it to enjoy excellent condition and well-being. Other properties of shungite Mentioning the properties of this stone, it is impossible at least not to mention that it supports the functioning of the body on many levels. Supports mental and physical functioning, it is also believed to improve recovery after injuries and diseases. Shungite can affect the human body in 3 ways: by drinking shungite water, touch and the very presence in the room.


Shungite pyramids


Pyramids are known for centuries as unique objects, known primarily for their radiation-neutralizing properties. So the Shungite pyramids are a real power in clearing the environment and paving the positive future, which have their unexplored secrets.


They are also irreplaceable in structuring and purifying water from bacteria and heavy metals, they are also used in esoterics. A 3 cm shungite pyramid acts within a radius of up to 1 meter. So let's have at least one, especially near radiation sources (for example, on a desk or next to a TV).


The highest pyramid we have to offer is a 15x15cm pyramid that protects up to 17 meters. We offer polished and unpolished Shungite pyramids.

We offer various size of them listed below all have different cover of protection:

  • 3cm - 1m protecton - €6
  • 4cm - 1,5m protection - €9
  • 5cm - 2,6m protection - €12
  • 6cm - 3,8m protection -€17
  • 7cm - 4,5m protection - €23
  • 8cm - 6,5m protection - €30
  • 10cm - 10m protection - €52
  • 15cm - 17m protection - €145

shungite polished pyramid from 3cm - 15cm

size of pyramid
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