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The privacy policy of applies to all users of, its tools and services, as well as newsletters.

Changes in privacy policy will not affect the user privacy, as do not sell or disclose personal information, address/location details of the website users or newsletter/magazine recipients.

If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use this site, use newsletter/magazine service, purchase any products/services advertised by


Customer personal data privacy statement.


Users may be asked to provide some personal information, e.g. when filling out a contact us form online.

This data mainly includes a first name, last name and email address. 

The online order application form requires the disclosure of full personal details.


Users will only be asked to disclose their personal details that are essential practical purposes. 



Free online magazine subscription.


If you wish to subscribe to our free online newsletter/ magazine, you will be required to provide your first name,

last name and your email address on the form given.

These fields must be filled out.

All details mentioned above will be added to the ezine mailing list.

We will use your email address to send you an issue of online magazine/newsletter, according to your subscription plan.

Providing your first and last name will allow to address you by that name.


Product ordering service. ordering service requires providing full address details on the order form. Required fields are highlighted.


All online credit card transactions are operated by Paypal. In this case, all details given in Paypal order form are known to Paypal system operatives only. Paypal is fully responsible for the protection of customer data. Paypal forms with personal information are collected, stored and processed on servers.

Paypal uses the latest anti-fraud technology.


Unannounced messages. reserves right to send unannounced messages to individuals whose email addresses are known, and who accepted the Privacy policy terms and conditions.

By unannounced messages understand the information directly related to its services, magazines and products (e.g. news, promotions), non-commercial letters (best wishes, personal comments), as well as commercial information, of which distribution has been paid by customers.

Commercial editors who commission ezine mailings have no access to customers’ personal details listed in those mailings.


Unwanted commercial email is being filtered on the regular basis, its volume and frequency being reduced.


Shared personal details.


The website users’ personal details processed, when posting comments online or participating in a discussion forum, can be accessed by all users of does not guarantee its users protection from other companies/private parties’ attempts to send them certain promotional or other emails. This type of information is not covered by Privacy policy.


Other forms.


Online forms/ads or external links to other websites, which can be found on and contain services, products or magazines not related to, are not covered by privacy policy.




Some services operated by may use cookies, small text files that are placed on your computer by the website you visit. This process allows the system to identify the user and remember information between webpages, which is necessary to simplify or complete a given action.

Cookies cause damage to neither the user’s computer nor its data.

For cookies to work they need to be enabled by your browser. You may not erase them from your hard drive.

Cookies may also be disabled by changing browser settings, which may restrict or deny access to certain services offered by uses cookies for statistics, user authorization and in order to store user preference settings or other commercial purposes.

Cookies may contain user details, although in most cases it is only their email addresses.

Those details are only accessible to the user and our service providers. partners.


Privacy policy does not apply to other service providers/ other companies, whose contact details are listed in magazines/newsletters produced by 


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