Blue Howlite


Howlite, like many silicates, is a rare member of this group. Soft, light-weight and porous, can be easily dyed to imitate such minerals as turquoise. Chemically treated howlite is known as turquenite.


In spiritual dimension, howlite symbolizes human quest toward enlightenment.

It helps build trust in those around you, providing lightness of spirit, joy and faith that God protects us. In moments of desperation and loss of trust, use of rose quartz may be used additionally. It helps balance our emotions, increasing the ability to solve problems peacefully and discuss matters sensibly. 

Howlite makes a perfect stone for people with strong spiritual life. It aids meditation, providing calm and peaceful sleep. It’s believed to provide protection from nightmares.

Howlite helps discourage and neutralize any aggressive behavior we may be subject to.

Due to its distant healing properties, howlite helps transmute negative energy to positive.



It supports metabolism function, strengthens bones, joints, teeth, finger nails, ligaments and tendons. The mineral also helps boost acidic/alkaline balance.

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