Amber, also known as Slavic „jantar” and Hungarian „gyanta” (“resin”), has been one of the most popular healing crystals. It is in fact resin, fossilized billions of years ago. Its fascinating nature captures imagination of people all over the world, with its subtle shades of browns and magical history of plants and organisms captured within.




Amber promotes optimism, wellbeing, luck and success, enhancing our good qualities.

It is a good-luck stone in financial matters, providing stability at home, as well as in a work place.

Amber is well-known for its healing properties, as it strengthens your heart, improves breathing, helps heal bone fractures and lowers blood pressure. For several decades, amber powder was believed to cure insomnia. Its extract has been recommended by doctors of natural medicine in the treatment of cold, sore throat and low immunity.

Amber’s health-boosting properties are used in preventing infections, especially in autumn-winter season. Its extract can be also used for pain, when rubbed around the temples it helps relieve headaches. Applied on different body parts, it helps treat other types of ailments.

To produce amber extract, we pour alcohol over crushed amber and leave the jar in a dark cool place for two weeks. The mixture is ready to use for internal and external use, as well as bath oil.

“The gold of the Baltic” has been widely used for its valued microelements, such as iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium and silica, in cosmetics manufacturing. Amber is known as a powerful antioxidant, delaying the process of aging. Used as an ingredient of face cream, it boosts a youthful look of the skin, helping restore its freshness, moisture and smoothness.

Some people believe that amber works as an amulet protecting from evil spells and the evil eye. The stone’s unique properties have been known throughout Europe for centuries.

The belief in its magnetic power, its effect on human psyche and creativity has survived until today.

It’s hard to question, therefore, the universal use of this Sunstone, which properties have been harvested by humanity since early ages.

People wear amber necklaces to gain protection from cancer, or support in treatment of thyroid. Amber is believed to relieve stress, as well as boost human body’s self-healing properties.




Pain relief is one of many reasons people use Baltic amber. It helps relieve arthritis pain or sore throat. Amber water has thermal properties and has the effect of an antibiotic, as it works to beat infections. Just a few drops in a glass of fresh water can be used as a cure against common cold, as well as fight digestive disorders, as it kills harmful microorganisms in human intestinal tract.  Amber has an energy- boosting and cleansing effect on human body. It helps improve metabolism and treat asthma. It aids recovery after a long illness, as its warm and nurturing energies reactivate the life forces. The stone works with the body’s bio-magnetic field in order to recover from damage caused by pollution or substance abuse (alcohol, caffeine, cigarette smoking).

Amber helps body cells regain their polarization, working as a balancing force supporting its energy levels. This, on the other hand, results in preventing various infections and diseases.

An amber necklace is recommended as a stimulator for thyroid gland, or to help relieve upper respiratory tract infections. An amber waist strap is recommended as a part of a treatment for back pain relief.

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