copper earrings with shungite and olivin
amber with shungite sterling silver neck
striped flint bracelet on black leather


Nobody is able to look after your own health better than you. In distress of everyday life we all long for spiritual detachment, our weakening immune system needs to regain strength and our mind to restore balance.

Everyone of us aim for success in relationships and other aspects of life.

Every single day we encounter difficulties that undoubtedly test our patience.

Free gemstones properties short guide

How to choose

 gemstones for yourself

     We are happy to see you in our Arcana stones online shop with natural gemstones earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants,rings for men and women, children jewellery and shungite accessories. Our jewellery has fabulous healthy benefits and everysingle piece has own intention.

     We have our idea for unique jewellery, our special latest is Cure Beads which they have own meanings. We created them because gemstones they are supporting our life and we wanted to keep always small piece of them with us.

     In here you can read about gemstones properties to find out which gemstone you need to get or how to choose right gemstone for yourself or for gift for your loved one,

    We always ready to make jewellery, any our piece we can customize to your best standards. We put big effort to ensure that our jewellery are the highest quality.

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